Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Term 3 Week 5 Maths Learning

We have been learning our multiplication and division in term 3. Many of us have been getting really good at multiplying by 2,3, 5 an 10. Here are some pictures of us practising our timestables...

Vanessa showing her timestables

Kymani showing his timestables

Persia showing her division and multiplication

Raina showing her 9's and 5 timestables

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 3 Term 3 Inquiry "Talent can get you so far BUT character will make you a champion!"

Throughout the week we have been asking questions about our inquiry question which is "how can I become a champion within?" we looked and discussed about what we know. We have been thinking about key words like Talent, Champion and Character. We talked about what those key words mean. Next we asked questions about what we wanted to know. We asked questions about the Olympics, talent within ourselves and the character you need to have to reach your dreams and aspirations! 

Vanessa asking questions about Talent.

Jasmine writing questions she wants to know about inquiry.

Shylay asking questions about the inquiry topic. 

Questions about our inquiry topic.

Questions asked by Tevita's group 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday Assembly Week 2 Term 3 2016

On Friday we finally won Levi! Room 8 was so happy because we have been waiting for this moment all year! We get to sit on stage next week in Assembly. We are looking forward to it! =)

Room 8 

Persia collecting Levi! Yay!

Levi sitting on the minions couch.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 1 Term 3 2016 Badminton

Welcome back to Term 3. This week we have been getting back into reading, writing and maths! Our new inquiry statement is 'Talent can get you so far BUT character will make you a champion!" Many students have been learning a lot already this week about others talents. At the end of the week Room 8 got to play badminton. Here are some pictures of students practicing hitting the balloons in the air!

Sabrina, Ky-mani, Mone and Rachel bouncing their balloons!

Room 8 practicing their hitting of balloons!

How many times can we do it?!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Term 2 Week 4 Monday Art with Whaea Dagmar!

In week 4 we have been doing life like paintings of people who have professions or jobs in our society. Room 8 drew pictures of people in our community, also, many of us could become some of these amazing people in the near future!

Eti drawing his picture!

Hunter drawing and painting her Chef!

Sione and Mone painting their faces!

Raina enjoying painting!

Term 2 Week 4 New Students!

It has been a very exciting term so far! There have been new students joining us and they have come from Room 6. These new students have made a great start to the term by transitioning really well. Here are the new students in Room 8!








Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 7-Voting for the referendum! New flag or Original flag?

On Tuesday Room 8 went into the hall to vote for either the original flag or the new flag. They got to vote before the election. We will find out which flag will be the winner at the end of the week! It was a great experience shared by all! Here are some pictures!

The Ballot, where everyone voted! =)

Persia voted I wonder what flag she chose?

Raina getting ready to vote!

Ryu voting for the flag he wants!

Room 8 waiting to vote on the flag they want to choose.