Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mind Lab Tuesday 20th October 2015

On Tuesday Pohutukawa travelled to Grafton and we visited the Mindlab. The 'Mindlab" is a place where there is lots of incredible fascinating technology for students and adults. We talked about electrons and using electricity to move our lego cars! We learnt how to put batteries in battery holders and we used motors, batteries, lego and tape to make our own motorised lego car. It was fantastic!

Coco talking about how to place the battery in the battery pack!

Coco talking about how a circuit works!

                        Coco talking about what materials we will need to make a lego car!

Noah making a propeller/fan to make his motorised car work!

This is the model car we tried to create. Some of us failed but Coco said it was okay to fail =)

Litrunette creating a motorised car!

Blake and Matheus creating a motorised car!

Zion happy about creating his motorised car!

San Jose and Arani woeking well as a team making their motorised car!

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