Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 6 Inquiry and Art With Whaea Dagmar

Last week we had google expedition where we focused on the 'coral reef'. On Tuesday Whaea Dagmar came in to help Room 7 with their 'clown fish' art. She showed us  how to draw straight lines making sure we use our whole page! Everyone enjoyed it, here are some pictures!

Blake  making his clown fish!

TJ making his clown fish!

Jeremy making his clown fish!

Nichola, Livi and Sita making a net swing to help the arm muscles!

Euvanash, Sunia and Veeraj working as a team to create a arm bar to work the arms!

San Jose, Dazurel, Arani and Matheus working as a team!

Hohepa, David, Blake, TJ, Zion and Judah creating an amazing arm bar!

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